Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 ToyotaFest car show: A definite must attend for Toyota, Lexus and Scion fans Part 1

Each year in the spring, the Toyota Owner's and Restorer's Club (TORC) hold an event for all fans of Toyota, Lexus and Scion cars to attend.  This year's event held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA continued the tradition of a family friendly event filled with cars that any gear head can appreciate.  There were project cars in various stages of their build, fully restored classics, heavily modified cars, and factory stock cars in mint condition.  Toyota also set up shop with games, allowing attendees the chance to win prizes such as cell phone holders, MKIII Toyota Supra shaped air fresheners, and portable chairs.
There were so many cars that we couldn't have possibly taken a picture of all of them.  It seems every year that the Queen Mary's venue is bursting at the seams with cars.  They may need to expand the area to allow more vehicles to enter the show with how tightly packed it was!  That's always a good thing though, right?  Follow along as we will break down the show into several parts to keep the page viewable.

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If it's one chassis we hope to see more of at the show, it's the JZZ30 chassis. 

Huge, tucked wheels were the name of the game for many of the 4 door Lexus sedans.  VIP themed builds continue to gain in popularity.

This Lexus SC eschewed the usual 1JZ swap and went with a JDM 2JZ-GTE instead.

It's almost like sitting in your own personal cocktail lounge.

This LS had a pretty cool license plate: Yo-ro-shi-ku! 

We like the IS-F inspired quad tip exhaust on this Lexus GS.

With the amount of Swarovski crystals used on this car, we hope each one wasn't put on by hand.  That's a lot of work!

An IS300 with an NA-T setup.

Lexus displayed an IS-F race car this year instead of the LF-A.

Five Axis always does quality work on their builds, as you can see on this new LS.

We sincerely wish more people would take up modding minivans!

This was a different, albeit cool take on the typical sticker bomb style some people have on their car's body panels.

A nicely built 3rd generation GS.

This FR-S was arguably the aggressively styled one on display.

The 2000GT is one of our favorite classic Japanese cars.

This Corolla GT-S was very clean. 

The last time we saw this truck, it was still in the early stages of its engine swap.  Now it looks close to being a full on runner! 

An SW20 MR2 and Work Equips?  Yes please! =)

This concludes part 1 of the show.  Stay tuned as we prepare the next parts.  Happy motoring and keep on driving!

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  1. Awesome cars! Looks like the VIP scene is pretty big there.

    1. Yeah I have to agree. There were a lot of VIP cars at the show and in the parking lot. We even rolled with a few on the highway going home.