Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2013 Z Car West Coast National Car Show - Motorsport Auto

Every year since 1996, Motorsport Auto holds a Datsun/Nissan car show in Orange, CA.  Z car owners of any generation Z are welcome to enter their vehicle in the show, and attendance is free to everyone.   This year, the show was held in front of Motorsport Auto's facility.  An entire block of West Collins Avenue was closed for the event. 
The family friendly event had over 100 Z cars, and even a few Datsun 510s were in attendance.  There were plenty of specialty vendors, with some traveling all the way from Japan to display their wares.  Food trucks were parked to provide meals and refreshments to show goers, and there was an hourly raffle drawing giving people the chance to win prizes donated by the sponsors.

We'll keep this entry's writing short, so enjoy the pictures!

Not something you'd see everyday.  A convertible S30Z.
A very, very nice example of a 2+2  Z.

The suspension setup was completely re-engineered on this Z.  We like the supercharger too!

This Z also had its hood open differently too.  Usually S30s open from the front and upward, not like clam shell.
An immaculate interior of an unrestored 280Z.

This Z should win the "Most Creative Build" award.  Mid-engined VQ motor that's turbo to boot!

It even had an interior cribbed from a Maxima.

You can definitely tell this Z isn't close to being stock!

It might have an odd stance, but it was definitely one of the coolest Z cars on display.

This Z sported HID headlights.  Projector lights seem to be picking up as a trend on early Zs.

Nothing but love for race cars.

This 280Z had a period correct body kit from Kaminari.  It's a bit wild, but we like it for its uniqueness.

This Z had some major chassis bracing underneath the car.  We forgot to snap a pic.  We did like the NACA duct on the hood ala 280ZXT.

This 240Z had a VQ engine swapped under its hood.  Engine swaps seemed really popular this year.

Molded headlight covers and what integrated driving lights in the original grill space. 

This Z sported a completely custom version of the G-Nose front fascia.  We overheard some kids say it looked like a duck. =)

10th Anniversary 280ZX, they came in either black/gold or red/black trim.
The brakes on this Z32 were massive.

Seems like the Z31 is picking up in popularity.

From pink to black, we've been watching this Z31 300ZX progress over the years.

SimTec had quite a few cars on display.  This Z32 had a very aggressive front splitter/diffuser.

Nice, deep dished mesh wheels go well with this chassis.

Although it was a Z car meet, a couple of 510s were on site.

Some builds were wilder than others, and this Z33 was definitely more towards the wild side.

This is something we've never seen before: Lexus GS300 headlights molded onto a 280ZX.

An SR20DET powered this Z. 

Quite possibly one of the funniest cars at the show.  It even had "Blue Turd" scrawled on the side!

We never tire of seeing triple carbs on a Z car.

The yellow projector light ring perfectly matched the yellow rim on the wheels.

Clean and V8 powered!

Very cool ITB setup.

A 240Z done up to look like Ferrari 250.

We hope you liked our coverage of the Z car nationals.  We'll be there again next year!

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