Thursday, July 11, 2013

2013 ToyotaFest car show: A definite must attend for Toyota, Lexus and Scion fans Part 2

ITBs and a Levin front end conversion.  Very nice!
In part 2 of our coverage of the 2013 ToyotaFest, we move away from the Lexus vehicles and onto the Scions and Toyotas. 

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Part 4

This xB was adorned with pink accents, but it was the rear which gave us a good laugh.

The sticker says it all!  =)

The massive box flares on this KP61 Starlet give it an extremely aggressive stance.

This Scion iQ sported a custom badge.

We saw a few Scion FR-Ss with diffusers on them.  Maybe the time attack/track look is gaining in popularity for street cars?

Even with those wide tires, we doubt this Corolla has much traction!

Not everyday where you would see a 1st generation Toyota Soarer in the U.S.

Looks like an ordinary MX83 Cressida from the outside, but under the hood...

A 1UZ V8 swap from a Lexus LS400 with a manual transmission conversion.  Pretty cool!  The engine swap was clean, and it looked almost like it was from the factory.  Thumbs up to the owner.

Someone really doesn't like cancer! 

This MX73 Cressida took cues from the bosozoku style with the ZG flares and front chin spoiler. 

Of all the Cressidas sporting bosozoku themes at the show, this early Cressida took the styling a little further with its elongated muffler tips.

A nice 1st generation Matrix.

That finishes are second part of the show.  We will have the next parts up shortly, so stay tuned!  

In case you missed the Part 1, click this link:  2013 ToyotaFest Part I

Here's Part 3.

Part 4 

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