Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Wrench Tip #2: Making a handy parts tray

When working on a car or a house project, it's very easy to lose the screws, nuts and bolts that are needed to complete a task.  Perhaps you also might not be able to finish in time, or maybe you want to organize some of the small items in your garage.  Nothing is more frustrating than to be on a search for that final, elusive piece to the job! 
One handy thing you can do is take some very strong refrigerator magnets and attach them to the bottom of a metal tray or bowl.  The magnets will keep all your pieces from becoming lost, and you can even organize them into neat piles if you have a large enough tray and plenty of magnets! The best thing is, is it's practically free!

Note:  Don't use magnets on sensitive electronics!

A strong magnet like this will go a long way to keep all your loose parts together! 
These fuses will be easier to keep track of with the magnet holding them in place.

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