Monday, January 23, 2012

New Look: What's new

We have changed our look a bit!  You will now be able to have quicker access to some of our previous posts using the tabs at the top.  We have separated them into several categories:  DIY and tips for home mechanics, Technical information, car reviews and test drives, and car shows.  Not all posts will be archived in the tabs.  You can still use the search functions provided to find all posts though.  Here is a quick summary of the tabs:

1)  DIY info relates to any wrenching tips we provide and info you can use for yourself at home. 

2)  Technical information will have posts for any explanation about automotive subjects. 

3)  Car Reviews will contain posts about any car we test drive or review.  It will also contain links to car reviews posted by others too.

4)  Car shows will contain information and pictures about car shows, most links will have pictures.

This sums up our changes to to our blog!  If you have any suggestions, please drop us a line.  We are always looking out on how to better serve your needs! 

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