Sunday, October 12, 2014

Coronado SpeedFestival 2014: Celebrating 50 years of Mustangs; Vintage Car Racing; Car Show Part 1

It's been over 50 years since the original Ford Mustang was debuted in New York.  The iconic muscle car ushered in a war of horsepower as other car manufacturers created their own interpretation of Ford's creation.  The Mustang may have been outgunned in horsepower as the 60s came to a close where the Hemi and other big block motors reigned supreme, and the 70s brought about the oil crisis which ended the muscle car period, but in the end it was the pony car which had the last laugh.  The 2+2 sports car is the only one which has stood the test of time, with it's arch rival the Camaro taking a brief hiatus after 2003. 
The Coronado SpeedFestival is open to everyone. 

This year, the Coronado SpeedFestival paid tribute to the Mustang and its various iterations, and there was a parade lap with nothing but Mustangs during the afternoon lunch break. Aside from the focus on the Ford Mustang, the main stars were the race cars dating from the early 1900s all the way up to late model ex-NASCAR race cars.

Here's a collection of some of the cars we saw at the Coronado SpeedFestival :

The Datsun 200SX isn't as popular as the 510 or 240Z as a platform for racing, but it did have some success.  This one is a former Paul Newman car. 

This Ferrari California was up for sale.  Anyone have $175K lying around? =) 
The Shelby Cobra is a timeless classic.  Lightweight, powerful and agile make it a very fun, albeit scary car at the limit.

The same could be said of the beautiful Daytona Coupe too!

The Weld drag wheels look good on this Ranchero.

This was a nice and simple Challenger powered by a Kenne Bell blower.

Fans of the flick Gone in 60 Seconds (Nicolas Cage version) will recognize this Eleanor clone.

If you remember the game Out Run, you may remember the lead car looking suspiciously similar to the Testarossa.

A MKIV Supra sporting the European spec hood.

Part 2 of our coverage can be seen here : Coronado SpeedFestival Part 2

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