Wednesday, April 4, 2012

California to reconsider smog exemption status for cars

For those of you who read our blog and do not reside in California, you may be familiar with California's testing of vehicle emissions.  In short, car owners are required to take their cars in for testing every 2 years for a visual and tailpipe emissions check.  California used to have a 30 year rolling exemption for cars until the year 2004.  Since then, any vehicle from 1976 and newer had to continue with the emissions testing, regardless of how well maintained or clean burning the car was.  Most of these older vehicles are not driven daily, and usually only taken to car shows and enthusiast gatherings making these cars' impact on the air quality miniscule. 

However, a new bill has been proposed to allow cars up to 1981 to be exempted from the testing.  The bill, S.B. 1224 is scheduled to be heard by the state's committee on April 10, 2012.  For car enthusiasts in California, this is a chance for your voice to be heard.  It is hard for some motoring enthusiasts to want to spend the money restoring a neo-classic car due to the hassle of the testing required every 2 years.  For cars which have model years which span between the 1975 cutoff and extend into the required testing years, many enthusiasts go for the exempted cars due to the ease of owning the exempted car.  The bill's passing may allow enthusiasts and restorers to reconsider the other years of the same model car, and that means more money will be put back into the local economy.  With the restoration and aftermarket car industry valued to be at $336 billion by 2015, wouldn't it be nice to let the state cash in on some of that money?  =) 

Please pass this along to any motoring enthusiasts you know in California and contact the senate committee to let them know to vote yes for the bill.  The details and contact information for the committee members are here:

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