Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mega Millions: What would you drive if you won?

With the Mega Millions lottery approaching $600 million before tomorrow's drawing, we thought it'd be fun to ask the question, "What car would you buy if you won the lottery?"  Would you go for the hyper exotic car like Ferrari's 599, or an ultra luxury car like the newest Rolls-Royce?  Perhaps a vintage Ford coupe from the 1930s? 
For this author, it'd be a Ferrari F40.  With over 450 horsepower and weighing just barely more than 2,400 pounds, it was able to crack the 200 mph barrier, which was a first for a production car. 

Let us know what you would want to drive!  Happy motoring and keep on driving!

The Ferrari F40 was powered by a 2.9 liter twin turbo V8.

Even with all the aerodynamics aids on the car, the F40's coefficient of drag was 0.34.

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