Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Wrench Tip #5 Magnetize Your Tools

If you're like us, there are times when you are in the middle of a job, and stuck trying to use a screwdriver or ratchet in a tight spot without being able to support the bolt or screw with your free hand.  More times than not, that bolt or screw can slip out and fall into a part of your car where it seems like a black hole exists.  This leads to lost time and frustration, and when you do find the fallen item, it's usually in a crevice where you need a magnet to get it back. 

If you've been following our other DIY posts, you know our Random Wrench Tip #2 had you make an easy magnetic parts tray.  Well, good news!  You can use that same magnet to magnetize your tools and help make your job a little easier.  You might even be able to retrieve that bolt or screw from that black hole in your car.

Take a screwdriver or any tool you want to magnetize and run the magnet towards the end of the shaft in one direction only.  Do not slide the magnet back in the opposite direction or else it will demagnetize the tool.  Imagine that you are sharpening the tool. Do this a few times, and your screwdriver or tool will be able to support a screw or small bolt without the aid of your other hand.

This will make your job a lot easier, and you can also use the tool to retrieve your fastener if it fell into an area your hand can't reach. 

To demagnetize the tool, simply run the magnet back down the shaft of the tool in the opposite direction you originally went.  After a few runs, the tool should be back to normal. 

*Pictures will be posted soon!*

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