Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eric Hsu's R32 GT-R Enters World Time Attack for 2012

Some readers may know who Eric Hsu is, but for those who don't, he was one of the masterminds at XS Engineering.  His tuning expertise led XS to be recognized as one of the best tuning shops in America, and the car most people probably associate with him is the blue R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R time attack car.  For being a circuit based vehicle, the Skyline also had blistering straight line speed with it posting a best 1/4 mile run in the mid 10 second range. 

Hsu was part of the successful time attack team Sierra-Sierra, with the Mitsubishi Evolution placing 2nd last year.  Since the team did not have any plans to participate in this year's time attack series, Hsu has assembled his own team by partnering with ARK Designs.  The list of team members is like a Who's Who A-list of people in the tuning industry.  You can follow the build of the iconic R32 GT-R at MotoIQ's website.  We are definitely excited to see this vehicle take on the world's best, and will be watching this build closely.  The most surprising thing to us was the choice of the engine which will power this beast.  We thought it was going to get an engine starting with the letters LS.  Check it out though and you can bet this car will have a great season due to the awesome team building it up.  Good luck to Eric and his team! 

R32 Skyline Time Attack Build

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