Friday, October 12, 2012

Coronado Speed Festival Part 3, Show and Shine

For our last installment of the Coronado Speed Fest of 2012, we will take a look at the vehicles which arrived for the second day of the car show.

As always, in case you missed our first 2 parts, you can view them here:

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Here are some of the beautiful vehicles we saw on the last day of the Coronado Speed Festival.

An ultra rare car to come across.  It's a Sabra! 

It was the first time we've ever seen one of these up close.

Did you know Israel made cars? =) 

Gives new meaning to "beach cruiser." 

There weren't as many ratrods this year, but this example was pretty sweet.

A Ferrari 330 GTS is an excellent grand tourer.

Simple, clean and functional.  Hopefully modern cars can one day have the auxiliary gauges drivers rely on to be integrated back into the dashboard display.

One of the nicest restored fastback Mustangs at the show.

A Shelby Cobra with Mustang Cobra wheels.

The Espada is probably not the first car you think of when you hear the name Lamborghini.

Love the color coordination!

Do you think this shade of purple will be used as a color choice again?

Lotus Elan, one of the original flyweight corner carvers courtesy of Colin Chapman.

Sunbeam Tigers seem to be gaining in popularity.  We see more and more examples driving on the streets.

That's one sexy Viper.

This Caterham was for sale.

This Miata stood out from the others sporting a body kit flared rear arches.

Chrysler's current 300c looks similar to this Rolls-Royce. 

The Navy Leap Frogs provided attendees with a spectacular showing of parachuting skills.

We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the Coronado Speed Festival.  You can be sure that we'll be there next year too! 


  1. I’m really having a second thought about buying Japanese used cars Nissan 200sx. Well, when it comes to the reliability and performance, I don’t have any question about it. It’s just that I think there are other better brand compare to this vehicle.

    1. For the 200sx, which chassis code? Unfortunately Nissan used the name "200sx" on a variety cars in different markets. Depending on the market you're from (U.S., European, Japanese) will determine which chassis had the 200sx name. Here in the U.S. it was the mid-90s Sentra based front wheel drive, and older 1980s S12 Silvia which had the name.