Thursday, September 27, 2012

JCCS 2012, A Gathering of Vintage Japanese Automobiles

JCCS has a wide variety of classic Japanese vehicles that come such as these Toyota Celicas.

The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California is not only a haunted, floating tourist attraction.  It is also the location of several prolific car shows too.  One such show is the Japanese Classic Car Show or JCCS which takes place each year in early September. 
The JCCS event is open to any Japanese automobile at least 25 years old, and thus makes it one of the most unique car shows due to the variety of vehicles which show up.  Early Datsun Z cars and 510s show up in spades, but there are some rarer machines such as the exotic looking Toyota 2000GT and quirky Subaru 360 too. 

Of all the import car events we attend, the JCCS car show is probably one of the best due to the laid back, family friendly atmosphere and interesting cars that are displayed. 

A clean classic right hand drive Datsun Bluebird.

This Z caught our attention due to it being converted to an open top roadster.

The box flares on this Datsun 510 remind of us of the E30 BMW M3.

We liked the gunmetal paint and subtle exterior additions such as the BRE style front air dam and the amber/white signal lens.

This SA22 RX-7 sported some very, very large over fenders.

The owner of this extremely clean Toyota Levin converted it from RHD to LHD so he could participate in racing.  The car is also powered by a 12A rotary engine.

The bullet fender mirrors go great on an early 70s Celica.

Toyota's 2000GT is a rare beauty, less than 350 were made.

Even the valve cover was paint matched!  =)

A V8 powered AE86? Yes please!

Sitting low and on some nice deep dish mesh wheels.

This Datsun Roadster sported side pipe exhaust ala the Shelby Cobra.

The Chevy Sprint turbo was the product of a venture between Suzuki and GM.  It's powered by a 1.0 liter 3 cylinder turbo engine. 

Of the older Skylines, the C10 chassis is probably the most recognizable to enthusiasts.

After the Galant VR-4 was done for the U.S. market, it was another 11 years before Mitsubishi offered another AWD sedan for consumers.

Seems Hondas have always loved to rev.  The N600's inline 2 cylinder revved to 9000 rpm.

The Mitsubishi Starion/Chrysler Conquest was equipped with a large displacement 4 cylinder turbo engine, and some very aggressive blister fenders from the factory.

Longchamp XR-4 wheels always look good!

This AW11 MR2 would surprise quite a few cars due to the 3S-GTE powering it.

This early Datsun looks kind of like a scaled down Chevrolet 210.

FC RX-7s are known for their handling prowess, and this example seems like it is very track oriented.

Simple, clean and fast. 

Yes, that could explain us and our love for vintage vehicles!

The only Datsun Roadster at the show with a hardtop. 

That finishes our coverage of the JCCS car show.  For those of you who want to attend next year's event, you can find the information at the following link:  Japanese Classic Car Show

Happy motoring and keep on driving!


  1. Cool I saw Toyota Celicas, I'm a Toyota car supporter! I have toyota vitz, I think 5 more years my car will be considered vintage LOL

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