Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nisei Fest Car Show 2012 Part II: Show, Go and Some Exotics

If this year's Nisei Fest was any indication, it was that the car tuning culture is still very much alive in Southern California.
In case you missed Part I of our coverage of the 2012 Nisei Fest car show, you can view the photos here:  Nisei Fest 2012 Part I

Even with the temperatures soaring in the mid 90s, it didn't prevent a steady stream of spectators from attending the show.

Part II kicks off with the venerable JZA80 Supra, a vehicle which was definitely a hallmark car from the golden era of Japanese super cars. 
This single turbo Supra was a nice example of one of the greatest cars built by Toyota.  We hope the company will continue to inject sportiness in their lineup now that they have brought the FRS to our shores.
The polished parts really help set off the engine bay of this Supra. 
A turbocharged SilEighty sporting the brick style headlights and GT-R grill insert instead of the standard "Silvia" grill.
Can't go wrong with a sleepy eyed S13 hatchback!
Mugen's aero parts help this TSX stand apart from its factory brethren. 
If Gru had this Civic, we're sure he'd been a lot less despicable to other people.  =) 
Godzilla in a matte orange finish.
This Impreza had an undercarriage that was as clean as its paint.
A Nissan Bluebird aka Datsun 610 in the U.S.
A nice 997 chassis Porsche.
Although mostly known for their screaming VTEC engines, Honda did offer turbocharged vehicles such as this City Turbo.
Not everyday you see Honda and Intercooler on the same factory label!
An SW20 MR2 on Work Equips?  Simply sweet.
This Miata must be a blast to drive on winding mountain roads.
This concludes Part II of our coverage.  We will wrap things up in Part III!  Happy motoring and keep on driving!

Part III can viewed here:  Nisei Fest Car Show Part III


  1. How I wish I am in this car show. Wow!Look at those cars. They are just great. Click here to visit my page.

    1. It was definitely a great show! Nice page too, your camper post will be very handy to those who go on holiday or plan to do any kind of extended road trip.

  2. I have seen the Part I of the said car show, and in all fairness, both seem to be really fantastic. The weather is hot, but, it did not stop attendees to come over and witness the show. I wouldn’t blame them. It’s really nice to go back to the 90’s and feel the 90’s vibe even just for two consecutive days.

    Patrick Gauer

    1. True, it was definitely great to feel a bit of nostalgia. It's not everyday where so many clean builds come together at one location. Hopefully the show will be held again next year.

  3. The Godzilla in the matte orange finish is indeed magnificent! Well, the other cars are also splendid in their own way! Here, you can really see the efforts of the car owners just to keep it in great shape!