Tuesday, May 1, 2012

$750,000 for a nice used car

If you had $750,000 to spend on a car, what you want to buy?  Maybe some vintage Ferrari or a Bugatti Veyron?  Or how about this:  $750,000 used car 

Our friends at the CarScoop first grabbed our attention to this fine piece of machinery.  The car you see is on sale by its owner, and all we can say is, "Wow..."  Custom body work is great if helps accentuate the lines of the car, but this one seems like the owner didn't want to stop until he used up all his buckets of Bondo!  There's not much left of the original car, and quite frankly if you wanted to be noticed, why not start with an exotic super car like a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Bugatti?  Can't imagine that parking or driving this car would be very easy with the huge blindspots it has.  We were surprised that the asking price was so high too!  To each their own, but we think we'll pass on this car.  =) 


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