Friday, December 2, 2011

A proper introduction of the writer of Car and Writer

As with all new things, I figure a proper introduction should be done before this blog kicks off.  The purpose of this blog will be offer my opinion on automotive subjects, and a look at some cars in more detail discussing both the pros and cons.  If time permits, a video will be added along side the article too. 

I will also add in my experiences with fitness supplements as I try them, and I will discuss fitness training or exercises with how they feel for me in a separate blog.  (  Sometimes random things will be blogged about.

A little about me:  I have worked on cars for over 16 years, but still have a lot to learn.  With cars becoming more advanced (especially in their electrical systems!), this will be a learning process with no end in sight.  Not that I'm complaining though! 

I have worked on a number of different kinds of vehicles, from domestic muscle cars like the Ford Mustang, to turbocharged imports like the Datsun Z and even European cars like Volvos and BMWs.  I appreciate the car culture as a whole.  People may have their niche, such as creating a low rider, rally car, off road truck, but in the end we have 1 thing in common:  We see a vehicle as a blank canvas to express ourselves.  Cars are more than just an appliance to get from Point A to Point B.  I will write about any events I attend, and I will try to make it as varied as possible. 

I realize that some people may not have as much mechanical expertise with vehicles as others, and one of my points is to make this hobby of mine accessible to them.  I will try to keep the topics written to where anyone can understand most of the content.  My how-to articles will be aimed at the beginner, but even seasoned veterans in the car industry might appreciate the refresher courses.  Some people may have trouble with their vehicle, and while I cannot guarantee I can fix or diagnose your problem, I can offer suggestions to what I believe to be the issue. 

I pride myself on honesty and integrity, and it is my goal to have that reflected in this blog with the articles I produce.  The term "mechanic" may conjure up some negative emotions about cars, but I hope to change that.  It is my intent for this blog to eventually become a trusted place where people can take comfort knowing they will be able to learn about the automotive industry and cars, and also that there is someone here to listen in case they have something they wish to ask. 

Sports were always a part of my life, and soccer in particular was the sport I played most often.  I did do cross country running, and baseball too. 

I started to weight train when I was 17, but back then I did not know much, especially about maintaining proper form and as a result, I did suffer some injuries and setbacks.  I did continue to go to the gym, but more often than not, I was spending most of my efforts maximizing my cardio than I was with the weights.  This changed about a year ago.  Now I am focusing my efforts on weight training to see how far I can push my limits before old man Time lets me know it's time to dial it back.

I am hoping to share what I have learned from my automotive and fitness hobbies ( to help others avoid some of the mistakes I made and perhaps encourage some people to give these hobbies a chance.  Nothing discussed should be taken as 100% fact, as I will leave it up to any reader to make their own decision on the topics. 

With that said, here we go!  =)

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